Yikes! I'm all over the internets. 

Find me here:

I used to contribute frequently to This Dish is Vegetarian
I am a weekly contributor, and I create a vegan and gluten-free recipe for the Alberta Co-op Blog

I have contributed to a conglomeration of blogs on Done Vegan

I contributed a recipe to One Green Planet

I wrote a Quarry Girl Field Report of Gorilla Food in Vancouver, BC

I wrote a Quarry Girl Field Report of Never Felt Better and Sugar Plum Bakery in Sacramento, CA

I was featured on I Live Here PDX

My blog was featured on Vegan Mainstream Weekend Blogs

My post on gluten-free and vegan cupcakes was featured on BlogHer! 

Also, I have posted a few pictures of my delectable delights on Finding Vegan.  

I wrote a post on Rhubarb Ginger Fruit Leather on Strawberry Sorbet

I Guest-Post periodically for Vegansaurus:
-Review of Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites
-Field Report of Azna Gluten-free/Vegan Bakery

I wrote three posts about living gluten-free and vegan for The Snarky Chickpea:
-Perfect Green Smoothie
-I Love Blueberries


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