Hello, and welcome to Green Vegan Living! 

My name is Geanna (with a soft G: Jee-Anna), and I've been eating a diet rich in plants and whole foods since January 2008. I discovered I was gluten intolerant in December 2009, making my diet a little more restricted as a result. However, during this journey, I've discovered the joys of trying new foods, exploring new places, and listening to my body completely. I'm a strict proponent of eating locally, supporting my community and the local economy, and eating what's fresh and in season (as well as organic, whenever possible). I eat very little processed foods (including refined grains), instead preferring to consume whole foods and ingredients.

In addition to my gluten intolerance, I'm sensitive to soy and other legumes and nuts, and severely allergic to raspberries.

Born and raised in Portland, I moved to the Seattle suburb of Kirkland in September 2014 with my boyfriend D and our beautiful kitty Betsy. I'm currently studying to become a registered dietitian at Bastyr University so that I can someday assist people who have had the same types of dietary issues that I have.

This blog focuses on recipes I've created, restaurants or cities I've visited, books I've read, and other glances into my every day life. What you won't find on these pages are judgments against meat-eaters or those that think differently from me. I believe there is too much hate and anger in the world already without me adding any more to it.

Please contact me with any questions or comments at geanna [at] greenveganliving [dot] com


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