Monday, August 1, 2016

Wedding Planning - Part 3

5 days until the wedding

We're very nearly ready for Saturday's event, with the exception being the wedding flowers. I had originally chosen to have a florist who was located in Pike Place Market to do my flowers, but after careful consideration, D and I decided that it wasn't very practical to think I would want to get the flowers early Saturday morning before the rush AND THEN have to assemble the boutonnieres and corsages by hand (the florist would give me the flowers, but won't do any ribbon work). I'm glad D talked me out of that original plan, because seeing it in print now makes me think I was a bit crazy and overly ambitious. Instead, we're getting our flowers from nearby Metropolitan Market, which is not only closer, but also allows me to add hydrangeas to my bouquet. I really wanted hydrangeas to be included from the very beginning, but the previous florist told me they would no longer be in season. Now I get to have a lovely bouquet with the flowers I really want! 

I doubt my bouquet will be completely made of hydrangeas, but if it were, I'd want it to look something like this:


A few things happened over the weekend that changed our wedding plans! D's sister had a baby 3.5 weeks early, so she and her husband will no longer be able to make it to our wedding. We're really happy for their new addition but we're also sad that they won't be there. However, we're rolling with it and my sister-in-law will instead be performing the reading that D's sister was to perform. 

I am lucky enough to have had TWO bachelorette parties! I got to hang out with my closest friends in Bastyr's Masters of Nutrition (MSN) program two weeks ago in Seattle, and last weekend I got to spend time with my closest friends in Portland. 

my lovely MSN friends!
For my Seattle party, we started out with wine tasting at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville. Then, we had an amazing dinner at Toulouse Petit. We ended the night with a fun (but LOUD!) gathering at the dueling piano bar Keys on Main in Queen Anne. It was such a fun night.

my long-time friends from Portland!
In Portland, we started out with my favorite casual restaurant in town: MMM Tacos. I'm pretty sure I've raved about them before, but just as a reminder, they have the best Mexican food I've ever eaten. Next, we walked down Division Street, which has really developed and grown since D and I left Portland. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I got to stop in at my favorite craft store, Collage, along the way! We made a loop up to Hawthorne to try out a new vegan + gluten-free ice cream shop called Maple Parlor. Next up was walking up Hawthorne to the Bagdad Theater to enjoy a beer, and we ended the night with cocktails at the Sapphire Hotel.

I am so fortunate to have so many great friends. I'm even more fortunate that I got to spend such quality time celebrating my upcoming nuptials with them! It'll be so fun celebrating with them again at our reception next year!

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