Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wedding Planning

D and I are getting married at our favorite Seattle restaurant, Cafe Flora, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant located in the Madison Park neighborhood. We have gone there for many enjoyable meals, and thought it was fitting that we would get married there as well. They have an atrium as well as an outdoor garden in which you can get married. Due to our extremely small size (there will be 20 of us, including D, me AND the photographer), we are having the ceremony and reception in the outdoor garden:
D's brother is officiating our service. D and I are not religious, and I did not want to go through the trouble of finding a secular officiant who would be able to make the service feel personal and comfortable. We have spent a lot of time with D's brother, and thought he would be the perfect officiant. Thankfully, he said yes!

D's stepfather will be performing the processional and the recessional music on acoustic guitar. He has picked out a song called "All of Me" (not the one by John Legend) to be sung in French and "La Vie en Rose" to be sung in English. My nieces will be singing "When I Fall in Love" at the reception. I'll be putting all the rest of our music on an iPad playlist to be manned by my sister. It's going to be a lovely, musical day.

I purchased my dress at I Do Bridal Too, a local Seattle shop. It's currently being altered, so I am holding off posting any pictures of it until it fits perfectly. It's a sheath-style dress with a very low back and beaded accents. It's the very first dress I tried on, and it just felt right.

I am wearing these shoes [in gold glitter]! I'm a big fan of sparkles but not necessarily heels, so the actual time I spend wearing the shoes might be short. However, they are super cute and they look really great with my dress so who knows - maybe I'll end up loving them and wearing them the whole night!
Through a college friend, we found a really great photographer. She's a lovely person, and I really love the pictures she takes. I know she will capture wonderful photos of our families and us on our special day.

Stay tuned for more wedding planning to come!

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