Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wedding Planning - Part 2

I'm back with some more wedding planning topics! We have 11 days until the wedding, and it seems that as we get this close to the event, it's all about the tiniest details. Who will be bringing the escort cards and table numbers to the venue? What size mason jars do we need for the flowers? Why aren't we eloping? (Just kidding!) It's a lot to think about, and not for the first time, I'm so, so thankful we decided to go with such a small wedding and leave our large event (a reception with friends, to be held in Portland sometime next year) for later.

Our goal was to have each of our siblings involved in the wedding in some way. To that end, both of our oldest sisters are performing readings during the ceremony. My oldest sister is reading this. D's older sister is reading an amalgamation of two poems (1,2). We don't own a dog, so didn't feel that poem directly related to our situation, but we didn't feel the cat poem was complete on its own, so we mushed them together into something that speaks to us.

We purchased our rings at Robbins Brothers (the engagement ring store!) in nearby Bellevue. We had a really nice salesman who helped us purchase my engagement ring and wedding band as well as D's wedding band. My diamonds come from Canada (it's very important to me that I wear as conflict-free of jewelry as I can), and our bands are all platinum. I'm not big into trendy, splashy rings, so my ring is actually almost identical to the Tiffany setting, except with four prongs instead of six (and much, MUCH cheaper!). 

We went with minted.com for our website and invitations. They have some lovely patterns that we could choose from. In the end, I am creating the programs, escort cards, favors, and table numbers by myself, so it was nice to have someone else create the programs and design the website. The invitations turned out wonderfully, and we received many compliments on them. This is the design we went with, in lavender. 

My amazing sister-in-law offered to do my wedding hair, and I am forever grateful to her! She's cut and colored my hair since she came into the family (when I was about 7 years old), so I trust her implicitly to make my hair look amazing on the special day. In my brainstorming, I've been imagining my hair will be in a low bun:

Stay tuned for more wedding planning posts!

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