Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scenes from Five Years with My Love

a picture of D, me, and two friends drinking a very experimental beverage that D had just made - summer, 2009
I can hardly believe D and I have been together for 5 years! We've known each other since the infamous Portland "Arctic Blast of '08". We really don't have an exciting story of meeting each other, which is something we joke that we need to change. My roommate at the time was dating a long-time friend of D's. D came over with my roommate's boyfriend and another guy during the major snowstorm. The only things I really remember from that first meeting are that I was sick and wearing a robe and sitting on the couch, and that at that angle, he seemed very tall. Oh, and I happened to be dating someone at the time, so I wasn't exactly looking for a date that day.

But over the next few months, into the spring of 2009, we would see each other at get-togethers or chat online. As a result, our friendship grew, and I started realizing that he was an amazing man (and a much better human than the person I was dating!). I broke it off with my current boyfriend to try to date D. By that point, D knew he was going to Stanford in the fall of '09, so we hung out over the summer unofficially, but I took still took it pretty hard when he left in the fall.

We kept in touch over the next few years, and we would see each other once in a while when he was on break, because by then, we shared the same group of friends. During the time he was away at school, I suffered from MRSA (and the consequential GI distress brought on by the massive antibiotics they gave me in the hospital to cure my illness) and my father died, so it wasn't really the best time of my life. However, on January 1, 2011, after a wonderful day of snowshoeing on Mt. Hood with our friends, D asked me if I would like to start dating him again. I was literally over the moon with happiness (and, honestly, a little skeptic as well). We did the long-distance thing (Portland to Palo Alto) for 6 months while he finished his degree at Stanford, then he moved back in June of that year, and we've been together ever since!

Here's a little picture timeline of our past 5 years together:

1/1/11: the day we started dating again! I'm the one taking the picture, but here we are snowshoeing with our friends on Mt. Hood.

3/2011: we went to Vancouver and Victoria, BC over D's spring break. It was my first time to Canada and we both had a really great time.

5/2011: I quit my job at a workplace that had slowly been sucking the soul out of my body, and in the time between quitting and starting my new job, I went down to visit D. I took an amazing journey (both literally and figuratively) by car down the Oregon and California coast all the way to Palo Alto, making stops and visiting people along the way. When I arrived in Silicon Valley, D and I went to San Francisco, and I got to eat at Millennium for the first time!

1/2012: we spent our first anniversary in Portland, but over the three-day MLK weekend in January, we went to the Oregon coast, where we literally got snowed in. It was such a fun adventure.

5/2012: we went to Kauai for a week with a friend, and when we returned home, we moved in together (and got our sweet kitty, Betsy!).

12/2013: we bought a house together! We got a real Christmas tree, we bought new furniture, and we made our new house a home. Currently, the house is being rented while we're in Seattle, and it breaks my heart a little any time I drive by it when I visit Portland. I hold many wonderful memories from the year we spent in that house.

9/2014: we moved to the Seattle area for D's new job and for the possibility of me going to Bastyr University. Our faith move really paid off, and I'm now attending Bastyr for my master's degree in nutrition! We love it here; being surrounded by all the water has made me so happy, and D has really found a niche in the sailing culture.

12/2015: we have been through sooo much together, and yet we still love and respect each other, and find joy in being in each other's company. D is more than just my boyfriend and my partner; he is literally a part of myself, and I can't imagine myself or my life without him. He makes me want to be a better human each and every day.

I love you, D!

I'll post pictures from our anniversary trip to Orcas Island, WA in my next post!

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