Saturday, January 9, 2016

Scenes from December 2015

Winter break this year went by in both a fast and slow manner. I got sick with a cold pretty quickly after school got out, then I went to Portland to visit family and friends for a week, came back to Seattle for a few days and finally finished the vacation with D on Orcas Island for our fifth anniversary.

Here are some scenes from my Christmas celebrations with family during my winter break! I'll post pictures of my anniversary with D in my next post.

Christmas in Portland

I got to spend time while in Portland with this little gem, my youngest niece. She is D's sister's girl, and she just turned one year old over New Year's. She is an absolute delight. She's here with D's mother and her own father.

My older sister went out of town for a few days with her new husband, so she wasn't able to spend time with the whole family when the rest of us were getting together for Christmas; instead, she (on the left), my mother and I got together for breakfast at a fun place in NE Portland.

One of my regrets from the past 5 years of our relationship is that D and I have so few pictures of us together. My new year's resolution, if you will, is to remedy that.

D spent some time with Jag, my mother's cat. She's almost 14 years old and a funny old cat who drools when you pet her.

D's stepfather bought him some fan gear! D had been in the market for a good Seahawks hat for some time, but many of the ones available to us in Seattle have a gigantic and very unmanly pom pom on the top, so this one was a perfect solution.

Here's my brother reading a neat card from one of our sisters during our Christmas gathering at my mother's house.

You might recognize this chair from the picture of D and me! This is my mother and me, another person I don't get too many pictures with.

Here is my wonderful sister-in-law! She brings lots of joy to my life, and I was so happy to see her and my brother during the break.

I actually received this while I was still at home in Seattle, but here is my brand-new (and most favorite) FitnessBlender sweatshirt! I work out ~6 days a week and it is always to FitnessBlender videos. They have such a different perspective when it comes to fitness and health than the majority of fitness videos and personalities out there, and I love to spread their message around as much as I can. This is also the most comfiest sweatshirt I've ever owned, and it saddens me every time I have to put it into the wash.

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