Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vegan Mofo 2015: Day 3

This year's Vegan Mofo is a bit different. We have been given themes to write about each day. I like that, as it can be seriously challenging to come up with new content for 30 days in a row. Today's theme is:

Quick, Easy and Delicious

Ahhh, my favorite 3 words when it comes to food! You've already seen what I eat for breakfast every day  and, while I'm in school, my food has to absolutely be quick and easy (I'm lenient on delicious because sometimes the leftovers from the night before aren't as good the next day).

That being said, here are the top things that I go for when I just have no time and no desire to look at or create a new recipe:

-peanut/almond butter and jam "quesadilla"

-cooked rice with stir-fried vegetables

-peanut/almond butter and jam sandwich on toasted bread (toasted gluten-free bread is a must for me {have you ever had un-toasted gluten-free bread? ick}, but I'll admit that sometimes taking that extra step will push me into having something else for lunch if time is truly an issue)

-frozen pierogies

-coconut yogurt with granola

-canned soup (I love Trader Joe's split pea)

-frozen vegetables heated up with a piece of fresh fruit on the side

What are your favorite quick, easy and delicious go-to meals?

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