Thursday, August 20, 2015

Driftwood Magazine

Have you heard of Driftwood Magazine? It's a beautiful, brand-new magazine, available in both digital and print formats, that is geared towards the "seasoned" vegan. You might recognize the managing editor (Michele Truty) as one-third of the team from Vida Vegan Con, and my very good friend Sarah Cadwell (who laid out Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's most recent book) is the art director! With a stellar team like that, the magazine couldn't help but be awesome.

There are many different ways to subscribe. As I said before, you can choose both print and digital formats of the magazine (and have subscriptions to both, if you'd like), and you can choose a yearly subscription or just one issue at a time. I opted for one digital issue to start (only $5) because the printed price tag ($14 for one, $50 for a year) is a bit much for a poor college student like me, but I will definitely be saving my dollars to purchase an entire year of the digital subscription after reading this first issue.

Basically, the first issue is just plain awesome. It covers the vegan lifestyle, traveling as a vegan, and basically living a pretty awesome life that just happens to be as a vegan. These are my favorite articles:

  • behind the scenes at Upton's Naturals ("Behind the Stache")
  • eating vegan in Tel Aviv ("Tel Aviv: Is the vegan revolution here to stay?")
  • an interview with graphic artist Nicole J. Georges ("Nicole J. Georges")
  • portraits of vegans ("Vegan Faces", a feature that will be present in each issue)
  • one woman's fight to get more vegan options on Amtrak trains ("Dream Into Change")

So, as you can see, it's easily worth the $5 for a digital copy and, if you're a little richer than I currently am, the $14 for a print copy. I promise you you won't be sorry.

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