Thursday, June 25, 2015

What I'm Reading: June 2015

summer break = sailing! this is D learning how to sail a small sailboat
Now that I'm done with school for the term (hello, summer break! goodbye, thoughts of organic chemistry!), I'm able to spend some time reading things I want to read! Here are a few links to things that have caught my interest lately on the web...

-Thinking about where our food comes from, specifically non-organic produce.

-I'm not a super big fan of the paleo diet (or really, any fad diet for that matter), but this is a pretty funny article about the paleo diet. 

-In our organic chemistry labs, we had to deal with some pretty awful chemicals. When I read this article, I felt like I was reading a procedure for an o-chem lab. Ick. 

-Thankfully, in regards to the previous article, you can make at-home protein powders that are completely safe for consumption (whew!).

-I want to make this soo badly. Now that I'm out of school for a few weeks and have some time to kill, I think I will!

-It took him years of research and contacting the federal government, but due to his research on trans fat, this 100-year-old was finally able to get it recognized as unsafe.

-This is my new favorite TV show. I needed a break from House of Cards, but still wanted something edgy. This was it.

-These are good, basic rules to follow for healthy eating.

-This is so depressing. We need to figure out a way to stop wasting food! 

-People tend to focus on nutrients rather than whole foods. I'm so thankful that I'll be attending a college that focuses on whole foods rather than nutrients.

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