Friday, May 1, 2015

My 2015 Garden

It's springtime here in Kirkland, and that means D and I have planted our garden. This is our "spring" garden; the weather isn't quite warm enough at night (or during the day) to warrant planting tomatoes or peppers or other warm-weather-loving plants, but we have made a good start with the first crop.

When we moved into our rented place in Kirkland, we were so pleased that it came with garden boxes. It was hard to leave our amazing garden behind in Portland, but having the plots already established here made it a little easier to adapt to a new place. The boxes are a little rickety, but they serve their purpose, and I know we are going to enjoy a summer full of delicious homegrown fruits and vegetables.

vegetables: strawberries and onions; Gerbera daisies (my favorite flower!) and marigolds brighten up the corners
We're trying something new this year; we've added flowers to each one of the garden boxes. With the way the boxes are set up, we are able to place a table and chairs in the middle of them, so we we can enjoy grilled food and the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor right in the middle of our garden. It's a very peaceful and lovely setting in which to dine. The flowers add color and brightness to our meals (as well as to the boxes while the fruits and vegetables are still growing).

vegetables: carrots and onions; flowers: snapdragon and a marigold
ALL of the lettuce varieties! our salads will never be boring (or lacking) again! with marigolds and a sunflower-like flower in the corners
Betsy's a big fan of the garden, and she loves being outdoors whenever I am!
these potted onions are really growing!
I'll have some more garden shots after these all grow a bit and start producing. The strawberry plants look like they're really close to being ripe; I can't wait to enjoy fresh strawberries from my garden!

What have you planted in your garden this spring?

I love to garden, and it shows here on the blog! I believe that there is no better way to eat than to grow the food yourself. Here are (many) other posts I've written about gardening:
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