Friday, November 21, 2014

Try This Soup!

Hark! It's Geanna, burrowing out from under my pile of homework to say hello!

It's getting cold in the Seattle area, and last week I had to wear long johns underneath my clothes. LONG JOHNS! I have a four-hour chemistry class on Thursday afternoons, and it's always a challenge to find the right combination of clothes that will keep me warm throughout all four hours. I may have finally found the perfect combination last week: long johns, jeans, 4 layers on top, and a warm lunch. These things kept me warm for nearly the entire class period.

Speaking of a warm lunch, I was recently given the opportunity to try a new soup from one of my favorite companies, Pacific Foods*. I'm a big fan of Pacific Foods products; I've written about them before, and I feel like I can never say enough good things about the company. They make delicious foods and with this new soup, they've done it again!

The soup on the menu today is their new Organic Vegetable Quinoa Soup.

As you can see, the soup is made with ingredients that most people have lying around -- in other words, real, whole foods that are recognizable and unprocessed. This is my type of soup!

The flavor is just what you'd hope for: basil and garlic really steal the show, and the quinoa adds a great texture with the vegetables. I literally couldn't put my spoon down from the second I picked it up for my first taste. This is a winning soup, and perfect for those even colder days that are sure to come.

*I received this soup free of charge from Pacific Foods, but all the opinions and thoughts expressed and pictures are my own.

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