Monday, September 22, 2014

We Made It!

D and I had the best last night in Portland (last Wednesday). We really took advantage of the fact that we had no furnishings left in our home and celebrated with a date night. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, strolled through the best book store in the world, watched a movie at an intimate theater that served our drinks to us AFTER we sat down, and finished off with drinks accompanied by the best view of downtown. It was wonderful. And it made me so sad to leave the fantastic city I've called home for the past 30 years of my life.

drinks at MMM Tacos
the view of the city from Departure Lounge through a martini glass
We got to Kirkland, WA on Thursday and moved into our corporate housing. It's furnished (albeit sparsely) and has its own swimming pool, hot tub, tennis courts, and private dock. We're right on Lake Washington, and I've been enjoying as much of my time as possible on the lake.

I visited my new college (North Seattle College) and discovered the building where I will be spending most of my time for the next 11 weeks. I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology Monday through Thursday, and from what I've heard from other people, it's a very time-intensive class that will require a lot of brainpower and energy.

There's so much good food to be had here in the Seattle area. I've been digging all the new-to-me brands of gluten-free and vegan goodness.

Peanut Butter bar from Flying Apron bakery

it's time for pumpkin cider!!
D headed down to the Bay Area for orientation at his new company yesterday, so I'm home alone with Betsy until Friday. I guess it's time for a full-on ladies' week here! I'm thinking we'll have popcorn every night for dinner and then we'll stay up really late and gossip about boys.

Here I am on my first day of class this morning:

It's exciting to be in a new city!

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