Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Visit to San Diego

D and I visited San Diego last weekend. It was my first time there, and I fell in love with it. I took too few pictures, so in a way, you'll be spared having to live through every detail, but we enjoyed so many adventures while we were there. We went to the ocean every day (the water was so warm!), tried some famous Mexican food, went kayaking by moonlight, and just enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was a wonderful vacation. I would go back in a heartbeat.

the view from the place we were staying - that's Mission Bay in the horizon
the aftermath of our trips to the beach
I don't remember what these are called, but our host referred to them as a weed; either way, they're gorgeous!
I don't know if I've made this clear on this blog, but I loooove palm trees
D's a former Marine who spent some time on Navy ships, so when we read through my guide book and learned that there was a decommissioned Navy aircraft carrier on display in the bay, we decided to visit. It was my first time on one, and it was fascinating. It was so big! I loved hearing D's take on the ship, as well as being guided around by retired navy men. 

here I am, standing in front of the USS Midway
here's D, standing in front of the USS Midway
a view of the flight deck on top of the aircraft carrier USS Midway
I visited a friend in Solana Beach (which was a bit north of where we stayed in San Diego) who took me to some beautiful sights around her area. We stopped at a meditation garden in Encinitas, then had a smoothie in town, then finished up with strolling and shopping in Solana Beach (I purchased a t-shirt for only $5!).

the view of the ocean from the meditation gardens
more lovely ocean
And, just like that, the vacation was over. We were only there for 3 days, but as I said before, in just that short amount of time, I fell in love with this new-to-me city.

selfies before getting onto the plane! I think the guy to the left of D is channeling Shawn Spencer from the TV show "Psych"
the view from the plane as we landed - it looks so artistic, but I was really just trying to take a picture of the big moon!

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