Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break Trip to Spokane, WA

It's spring break! I've actually been on spring break for a week now, since, due to the wonderfully flexible schedule of online classes, I was able to take both my finals last Monday. Last week D and I went up to Spokane, WA, where I went to college at Whitworth University. I graduated in 2005, so Whitworth (and I) has/have changed a LOT.

One thing that really stood out in my head from this trip was just how sunny it was. It was also cold, mind you, and there are absolutely no signs of spring yet in eastern Washington, but it was still much brighter than the weather we get in Portland. I imagine that while I was in school, I didn't really think about the sun all that much, as I was too busy trying to get through school (I graduated in 3 years), but on this visit, it really became apparent.

We found a fantastic place to stay on Airbnb. It was close to downtown, as well as to friends of mine, and it provided the perfect respite for our vacation.

It was only 334 square feet, but it had enough charm (and tall ceilings) to make it feel much larger. It was originally an abandoned electric substation, but it was lovingly and painstakingly re-made into a cozy home (and now, a guest home) for two.

The "bedroom" (literally - there was a mattress on top of the ceiling) was above the bathroom and was accessed by this staircase next to the kitchen.

Here I am standing in front of the humongous area reserved for chickens! They were so cute, and we had quite a few "conversations" with each other.

Here's D on the back patio. If only the temperatures had been a bit higher, I'm sure we would have found ourselves enjoying the view of the chickens and the wonderful yard. Maybe next time...

We visited the Spokane Falls one day, just before sunset. It was gorgeous.

These are my friends from college - A (on the left) and I met by being dorm mates - we shared the bathroom between our two rooms and became friends. We've traveled to Europe and New York City together, and we've kept our friendship strong even through moves, me working for them, children and the current distance from Spokane and Portland. B (whom I've known since he started dating A the same year I met her) is a wonderful friend as well. These are two people I just can't imagine not having in my life.

The drive home was just as beautiful (albeit, a bit warmer) as the way there. We quite enjoyed the views passing us by.

What a nice start to my spring break!

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