Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Product Review: Townshend's Tea Brew Dr. Kombucha

I had the pleasure of trying a local tea company's line of kombucha last week, and I haven't stopped raving about them since! Brew Dr. Kombucha is made by Townshend's Tea Company, a wonderful shop with multiple locations and a fantastic variety of delicious teas. I actually live just blocks away from the kombucha "warehouse", but until last week, I had no idea just how amazing it was.

My favorite, by far, was the White Rose, and it went by much too quickly for my tastes. Made with filtered water, Townshend's organic white peony tea, organic cane sugar, rose petals, hibiscus flowers and rose essence, it's basically the perfect, refreshing summer drink. In fact, the ingredients list had me at white peony tea, but kept me at rose petals (!!!) and hibiscus flowers. The beverage really tastes like a bouquet - in your mouth.

Because the others were good, but weren't my favorite, I'll just show you pictures of them...

I assume you can read the labels but if not, they say (L-R): Spiced Apple Kava, Clear Mind, and Lemon Ginger Cayenne.
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my second favorite, called Superberry. But I'm sure you can imagine it in your head. Just think of a delicious, berry-centric tea drink that is simultaneously sweet and tart.

Right now, Brew Dr. Kombucha is available in a TON of places in Oregon, and seems to be slowly creeping out to Washington and Idaho. If you're in Portland, you can pick it up at two different farmers' markets: Woodstock (on Sundays, in SE Portland) and South Waterfront (on Thursdays, in SW Portland). I'm at both markets, so if you come by, be sure and visit the Cinnamon booth also!

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