Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Product Review: KuK Vegan and Raw Chocolate Bars

I'm afraid this review is only for Portlanders. If you're lucky enough to live in the Portland metropolitan area, you will be happy to hear about this delicious new chocolate that's available ONLY at farmers' markets! [Now you can be part of a hip new club that only a few folks are members of.]

KuK Chocolate is made by hand by the charming Aaron, a recent Portland transplant who creates the bars from the beans. It is entirely vegan, soy free (a rarity among chocolate bars these days, I'm afraid), and low-glycemic. The bars are made with coconut sugar so it's safe for diabetics (and those watching their sugar intake).

Aaron roasts the beans himself, and takes great pleasure in the process and the final product. The chocolate is dark, rich, and just a tad fruity. In other words, it's perfect. At the moment, it's available at South Waterfront Farmers' Market on Thursdays (from 2-7), but my guess is that it'll be widely available within months.

The bars are $4 each, and they're worth every penny.

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