Monday, September 9, 2013

My Kitchen

Last year, I loved seeing on Cake Maker to the Stars where all the magic happens. As you'll see on the post, Kittee took us into her home and showed us her cute kitchen. I've been wanting to do the same ever since, but I've just forgotten to take any pictures!

As we're about to move, however (our offer was accepted on the house we like and if all goes well, it will close on October 17th!), I felt it would be nice to honor this cute little kitchen where I've performed some minor and major kitchen successes and failures. As you'll shortly see, it's a TINY kitchen, and I didn't even take a picture of where we store most of our pans and other big dishes, but it's worked out for us in the meantime. The new kitchen we're set to move to is beautiful and, although not a whole lot bigger, is much newer and even has a pantry (oooOOOooohhh!!).

This view is from the "hallway". Those pictures you see in the living room are from our trip to Hawaii last summer.
Not a lot of counter space, as you'll see. And sooo many cans of coconut milk (it was on sale!). 
This Forhoja from IKEA is where we store our pans and some of our pots, plus our toaster oven and electric skillet (not seen). D put the hooks on the sides to capitalize on space, because we had no place to put those pans!
Here's where my baking and cooking magic happens! Fresh out of the oven are grain-free brownies and roasted tomato sauce. To the left is our spice "rack", which used to be our silverware holder at the old house. Because the floor is wood and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, D bought me two floor mats (seen on the bottom right). 
We have a teeeny tiny fridge that we try to fit everything in. The left-hand drawer is D's "gluten drawer"; it contains gross gluten-y things like beer, bread and Tofurky. (And that's his milk in the door, if you were wondering, next to my carton of coconut milk.)
3 of my favorite kitchen gadgets, as you've recently read about on my top 5 list! I had just used them before taking this picture, which is why the processor doesn't have a lid and the mixer doesn't have a bowl!
Dirty dishes. They're the bane of my existence, and they never quite seem to all go away. 
 So, that's my teeny tiny kitchen! What does yours look like?

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