Monday, September 23, 2013

My First Vegan Cookbook

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...oh wait, I've just been geeking out too much on Star Wars. Sorry about that!

Anyway, when I went vegan nearly 5 years ago, I started reading. I'm naturally a reader anyway, but anytime I find a new interest, I put every book on that subject on hold at the library and become inundated with this new topic. It was no different with veganism. I read magazines, books, novels; any form of writing that mentioned vegan anywhere in it, I was on top of it.

When I started my vegan journey, my brother and sister-in-law gave me an awesome book that has topped my list of cookbooks for the past 5 years, although it now shares a place with Allyson Kramers' Great Gluten-free Vegan Eats. My First Vegan Cookbook was Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Reading this book inspired me, made me laugh, and created such a feeling of joy in me because I realized I wasn't embarking on this crazy vegan train by myself.

I've made so many things from the cookbook, and I don't even know if I can narrow down to a favorite recipe, but I do know that my copy of the book is horribly tattered and pages are falling out, which are true signs of a loved book.

What was your first vegan cookbook?

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