Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring 2013 in Portland

Every year I write a post about spring in Portland. This is because spring, to me, represents so much: the days get longer, the rain stops every once in a while and the sun actually gets to shine, and flowers begin to grow and bloom. Summer is my favorite season, but spring allows me to hope once again for summer; after the dreary months of winter, when everything is dark and cold, I can see the fresh beginnings of spring and be happy again.

Thank you so much for all your comments about my migraines in my last post. I stopped taking all synthetic medicines (including birth control) and am now only ingesting vitamin supplements. My headaches have lessened, although they are still there, and my blood pressure seems to have lowered itself (but I can no longer have ANY caffeine, or it goes right back up). I've started acupuncture, but my previous practitioner turned out to be a flake, so I have to go to a new one starting next week. D and I have started meditating regularly at home, in the evenings, which is a time I look forward to. My main concern now is for my health. I feel like I have lost so much of who I am in this whole situation that I'm not quite sure how to get that former self back. I am so fortunate to have loving friends and family by my side even when I am not well enough to be physically there with them. This seems to be a long journey, but I know I am not taking it alone.

It seems that, in the light of the Boston tragedy that just occurred, we can all use some pictures of sun and happy flowers. My thoughts are continuously with those in Boston who are suffering right now from a pain I can't even begin to fathom.

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