Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recovering From Disappointment

This past weekend, I received not one, but two disappointing reviews of my products. Two different local organizations that are both humongous in their own right around the Pacific Northwest said my products were not good enough for them. My heart was broken, and tears and anger kept coming in continual waves. During this time of grief, I discovered just how many wonderful people are really on my side: D was there the entire time, offering hugs, back rubs, and spontaneous trips outside Portland to make me feel better. My friend S was there, offering sweet texts and Jolly Rancher-flavored vodka, as well as emails that contained pictures of sunshine. Coworkers listened to me if I wanted to talk, or came up with distracting stories if I didn't. I am getting over this grief (although, truth be told, the very recent news that my aunt is dying is probably the underlying reason why this bad news hit me so hard this weekend) with the help and love of these great people.

An awesome thing happened after the weekend was over: on Monday, I got home from work and came across a package from a recent vegan Valentine's Day-themed food swap that I participated in. My swapper gave me delicious goodies from where she lives in Colorado, which made for a very excited me.

Even though I'm very disappointed in the results of these two organizations' judgings, I have been able to learn from the situation about how my business needs to be run. This rejection is probably the largest I've received so far, but, as D pointed out, the best part is that my status quo is still fairly positive: I sell products to four (and soon to be five) local companies, and I still have a regular job that pays me regularly and gives me health insurance, which are two blessings I am extremely fortunate to have.

This situation has taught me to take a step back and enjoy life a little more in the meantime. I want to devote more hours to just me- or D-and-I-time, instead of Cinnamon-Cinnamon-Cinnamon time. I want to start getting back into my hobbies, start running again, and start seeing my fantastic friends on a more regular basis again.

How do you recover from rejection or disappointment?

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