Monday, November 19, 2012

Food of Thanksgivings Past

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving, and it was the first year I did so. I kept it completely vegetarian - no turkey in sight - and it turned out lovely. I won't get to host this year's feast, so I can't guarantee the menu, but I am bringing some treats along with me that will be deliciously vegan.

Here is a glimpse into what I've made for former Thanksgivings and November days...

Last year's Thanksgiving went swimmingly well. 

The year before that, I had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast the day before Thanksgiving, which seemed pretty fitting.

Who can forget this awesome pumpkin fudge, featuring Dandies vegan marshmallows? I made it a few years back, and I really need to get in the kitchen to make some more soon. 

And my favorite Thanksgiving/November/pumpkin recipe to date: this yummy "modern" pumpkin pie that I kind of just made on a whim one day. You can bet I'll be making this again soon.

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