Friday, October 19, 2012

My Favorite Vegan Products

I have a humongous arsenal of "favorites". Although I do enjoy trying new things, I'm also a big fan of using what I have found to be the yummiest, the freshest, or the cheapest. Here are some pictures of my favorites:

Full-fat coconut milk from Whole Foods. Love, love, love this stuff. Stick it in the fridge for a day and make coconut cream the next.

Yup. I'm a gluten-free beer snob. But this beer is locally-made, completely vegan, and just about fantastic in every way possible.

These will never go out of style for me. They are chocolatey goodness at its finest.

Some of my favorite tempeh. It just so happens to be gluten-free, which isn't always the case.

This isn't exactly vegan on its on, but it does assist me in making delicious vegan+gluten-free donuts. I have four pans at the moment, and I'm pretty tempted to buy four more.

Cinnamon products, duh. Not only do they taste good, but I think my favorite part of these is the label, made by my extremely talented friend Sarah. Also, my mother wrote out the calligraphic "Cinnamon", making it look like art.

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