Monday, September 10, 2012

My, Summer Has Flown By!

Man, is it seriously September already? Summer in Portland is abnormal in that it doesn't really start until mid-July and then goes pretty strongly through mid-October. We can expect warm, dry days with sunny skies and blooming plants until October, which makes it hard for me to always adjust to the new season. That being said, since our summer is off by a few months from everyone else's, I often don't feel like it's truly over until right before the time of my birthday (November 1st).

This summer season has certainly been busy around these parts, and since I couldn't possibly write enough posts to describe it all, I'm just going to show you in pictures instead.

Cinnamon @ NE Portland's Last Thursday street fair!!
Betsy! on my head!
lunch at Native Bowl
my very first Timbers game!! (Timbers v. Dallas)
baking, baking, baking for Cinnamon
wine tasting in the Wine Valley of Oregon (aka Newberg)
many snuggles with Betsy

How have you spent your summer?

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