Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friday Finds: First Week of Meal Planning

Well, we did it - we survived our first week of meal planning (I'll be writing more about that next week)! Here's what we ate:

Saturday: tacos
Sunday: mujadra w/ homemade tzakiki sauce
Monday: gluten-free spaghetti with canned marinara sauce
Tuesday: we cheated! we got "take-out" from our local Whole Foods, and guac and chips were the highlight of the meal
Wednesday: Indian-inspired tomato and coconut cream sauce with peas and potatoes
Thursday: pasta dinner out to celebrate meeting some milestones for my bakery

I'm thinking of putting these items on next week's menu:
-Chia Agua Fresca seems like the perfect summer drink to accompany a nice summery meal.
-It's been cool enough lately here in the NW that this vegan mac 'n cheese casserole looks pretty dang perfect.
-I saw these miso roasted veggie tacos show up in my feed the other day and thought to myself, I must get miso - stat. 
-This peanut butter ice cream will HAVE to be made and consumed. I'm guessing it'll take little over 24 hours for that all to take place.
-Kelp noodles are delicious already (I once ate half a bag in a sitting - with no toppings!), but with this curry sauce they oughta be even better.

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