Monday, August 27, 2012

Cutting Back

Summer can be fun, exciting, but full of expenditures. One of the expenditures we had to deal with this summer is buying a car, because my 14-year-old Honda Accord finally bit the dust. As much "fun" as it is to drive around, listening to a screech that the mechanic can't figure out the source of, it's much more fun to drive a car that doesn't make any sort of noise.

That being said, we've decided to scale back a bit on our spending. Buying a car is expensive, as is traveling, eating out, and buying furniture for a 4-story house. I don't make very much money at all at my day job, so the way I can help out best is by cooking almost every meal we eat. I've never been much of a meal planning kind of gal, so this has been a fun and yet -- challenging -- situation I've volunteered myself to be in. We started this two Saturdays ago, and it's going pretty well so far, yet we've already cheated a few times for various reasons.

I'll be posting my weekly meals as part of my Friday Finds every week, just to give you an idea of how I'm doing and to enlist any suggestions from you, as well. I'm not sure this will be the easiest thing for me, as I'm pretty bad at planning too far in advance, and I also like a ton of variety with my food. Wish me luck!

Do you plan your weekly meals? How do you keep variety and spice in your food? How far in advance do you plan?

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