Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beach Trip

Last week D and I took a trip to the beach. We live about an hour from the closest beach, which is Seaside, Oregon, so taking some time off to go over there every once in a while shouldn't seem like such a treat. But when you've been working so much at your job (like D) and starting a new business in your free time (me), that trip to the ocean can seem like a miraculous lifeline.

We started out at Newport, taking a detour for some wine on the way. We stayed at a charming bed and breakfast just blocks from the beach. The sunset the first night was amazing.

We enjoyed some homemade tempeh Reubens on gluten-free buns for dinner. Newport is a great town, but it isn't very gluten-free AND vegan-friendly. That being said, we enjoyed our indoor meal quite a bit, and it allowed us to sit in our room and watch the Olympics.

We visited the Tillamook air museum. My father was in the air force, and D was in the Marines, so we both were interested in checking out historical military flying machines.

There was some beach time...

And some camping...

And a very happy reunion when we returned.

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