Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Finds: Anxiously Awaiting Vacation

D and I have a weekend away planned in a few weeks, and I can't wait. I know, I know - I just went to Hawaii in May, but so much has happened since then that it seems like that vacation was years ago. Although I only work 24 hours a week at my library job, I keep busy the rest of the week with planning my new business, working out, keeping up the [4-story!] house, and making recipes for this blog.

Thus, this week's Friday Finds is dedicated to needing a break, badly - I'll take any inspiration I can to feel like I'm on a small break. Enjoy!

These not-pickles from Peas and Thank You make me think of a picnic in the park.

I'm practically in Mexico already when I have one of these colorful mojitos in my hand!

These nutella truffles take me right back to France.

I think eating some fresh pineapple sorbet would be a great way to enjoy an afternoon off.

Cucumber rolls would be perfect for a meal when the weather's hot.

This white sangria sparkler looks pretty, sounds refreshing, and must tasty wonderful.

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