Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Campers Gluten-Free Buns

I was recently given the opportunity to receive some free samples of a fairly new local product. The product is by a company called Happy Campers, and is the elusive and hard-to-find Gluten-Free + Vegan hamburger bun. These truly are the perfect addition to your campfire. In fact, if you live anywhere in or near the Portland metropolitan area, you should probably stop whatever you're doing, go to the nearest grocery store or farmers' market, and pick some up for your dinner tonight.

I'm just sayin'.

Check out this awesome packaging! I especially like the "[no] hanky-panky whatsoever" part.

I had a chance to talk with Jan (pronounced Yawn), one half of the founding team. He is a really nice man, with an easy smile and enthusiasm about his product. He and his wife started the Happy Campers as a school project a year ago and it actually grew into a full-time job for them both. They have even hired employees to help them out. They sell loaves of gluten-free and vegan bread in addition to the new hamburger buns.

The buns look, smell, and taste just like "regular" buns. They are large and will fit the biggest veggie patty you have.  They are made in a certified gluten-free kitchen, and the Happy Camper team is applying to get certification for these as a guaranteed gluten-free product.

The buns are soft and easy to chew when you get them, but I toasted mine a bit (at Jan's suggestion), which made the Veganaise and guacamole (and mustard) melt a little into them and add a little more flavor. This, of course, made them that much more delicious.

I served these babies with a simple greens and strawberry salad with a tiny bit of balsamic vinaigrette, which is the perfect side to any bbq.

I chose to pair the buns with D's and my favorite veggie burgers, from Hilary's Eat Well (I recommend The World's Best Veggie Burger; it'll literally knock your socks off).

The world really has been lacking in yummy vegan and gluten-free hamburger buns, and now that they're here, I can only hope Jan and his wife venture into making hot dog buns too, so my summer meals can really be complete.

You can purchase buns in the Portland metropolitan area or via the Happy Campers website.

Thank you to Jan, Lacy and Hannah for letting me try these delicious buns - they really were a hit in my household!

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