Monday, June 11, 2012

BlogHer Food '12

I came.

I saw.

I ate (albeit, not much at the conference, but quite a bit in the city).

And I blogged. In fact, I blogged my little heart out. I was able to attend BlogHer Food for free because I volunteered as a live blogger. That means that for three different sessions, I typed down every single word (or, at least every single concept) that was uttered. It was stressful, exhausting, yet totally fun.

Because of that, I didn't end up taking that many photos, but I did meet so many great ladies. Here are the highlights of the conference (for me):

Day 1: Thursday, which included orienting myself to downtown Seattle and getting volunteer training, plus having dinner at Cafe Flora with my friend A.

Fairmont Hotel, or, the original location for the UW
this beautiful view of the sound

some serious stairs I climbed to get up to Pike Place Market

where I stopped for goodies

dinner: polenta

dessert: strawberry/rhubarb crisp
Day 2: Friday, when I checked in to the conference, received my swag bag full of sooo many goodies, ate lots of fruit, drank many caffeinated beverages, and live-blogged for the first time.

the food!
the swag bag - I gave the graham crackers to the friend who hosted me for the weekend
the Fairmont Olympia is beautiful inside and out
Day 3: Saturday, when I live-blogged the morning keynote address on collaborating with companies, had lunch with my dear friend K and her fiance P, and finished up the afternoon with a session on kitchen mishaps.

brunch with K and P at Plum Bistro

the inside foyer of the gorgeous Fairmont Olympia

"The Garden" where I live-blogged for my final session
The lovely ladies I met at BlogHerFood 2012:
Adina from Gluten Free Travelette (@GFTravelette)
Kimberly from Cooking with Kimberly
Julie from Bad Home Cooking
Joy from Joy the Baker
Jessica from Sodium Girl
Jane from BlogHer
Leigh Anne from Your Home Based Mom
Rebekah from PDX Food Love
Halley from BookBox
Lynn from Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat

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