Monday, March 19, 2012

Opening Day at Portland Farmers' Market

Saturday was opening day at Portland's main/downtown Farmers' Market. It's been years (literally) since I've had Saturdays off, so I jumped at the chance to be able to attend. For Portlanders, it's really a momentous occasion. Not only does it mean that spring is in the air, but it's on our plates, too.

It was sunny at D's house, so I figured it would be at the farmar as well. No such luck. It wasn't actively raining, but it really wasn't dry. That meant I kept my visit shorter than I might have otherwise.

The possibility of rain meant more people drove to the market instead of finding alternative modes of transport, so finding parking was difficult. However, I was greeted by some pretty great artwork on my trek to the park.

It really is a humongous market. Even on the opening day, when there weren't that many ripe vegetables available to be sold, rows upon rows of vendors lined the park. It'll only become more full as the season progresses.

The available vegetables were mostly of the root variety...carrots, potatoes, onions, etc. While there wasn't a lot of selection, it was still wonderful to see fresh, locally-grown vegetables to choose from.

I didn't leave with much, but I did grab some of my favorite greens, shallots, and some funky looking mushrooms. I have a very interesting (but tasty!) meal in my near future.

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