Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Cascadia Traditional

sweet potato soup w/ cilantro pesto & jalapeno cornbread

I've posted quite a few pictures on Twitter and this blog about the fabulous gluten-free cafe New Cascadia Traditional. Since discovering I was extremely gluten-intolerant over two years ago, they have been there for me, offering my sensitive tummy myriad baked treats and yummy pizza as well as fabulous loaves of bread. The best part is, I can choose from a variety of different vegan baked goods, they have both soy and rice milks available for the coffee drinks, and all but one bread is vegan.

soy latte
They sell the kind of foods I would hope could change the opinion of people critical of the gluten-free and vegan lifestyle. I am always treated to deliciously moist and flavorful bread and the best cupcakes I've ever had, vegan or otherwise.

chocolate chip cookie

earl gray tea-flavored cupcake
If you're ever in Portland, I recommend trying them out for a very nice treat.

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