Monday, February 13, 2012

Dreaming of Kauai

D and I are traveling with a friend to Kauai in May. I just got my time off approved at work, we are buying the plane tickets this week, and we've found the perfect place to stay. Now, all I can do is sit and wait.

And dream, of course...

About clothes to wear there

-I would love to wear this dress from Old Navy.

-This is a super cute swimsuit top from H&M. 

-These look like the perfect pair of capri pants for frolicking along the ocean shore.

And the views I will get to see

-The mountain(s), like the Sleeping Giant

-The waterfalls

-The coastline (recognize this from Jurassic Park?)

And what D and I will do

-This sunset sailing trip looks so romantic and fun.

-I've never been snorkeling and I can't wait to go in Hawaii!

-So. Much. Hiking.

And, of course, most importantly, what I will get to eat

-The Garden Cafe sounds amazing.

-Mermaids Cafe looks fun and yummy.

-Postcards Cafe looks like a place I can really enjoy myself.

Do you have any tips/suggestions/favorites for Kauai?

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