Friday, February 3, 2012

The Big Game Menu Ideas

Ahhh, the Superbowl. AKA The Big Game, or The Rivalry of the Winter (I made that last one up).

I'm not necessarily a big fan of watching the game, but I do like getting together with friends, eating, socializing, and drinking (not necessarily in that order!). I don't actually know who's playing in the game on Sunday (perhaps I should check?), but I'm sure that if I do catch a glimpse of the game I'll be more concerned with feeding others than the teams' scores.

However, because I care about you and also I like to think about food all the time, I've compiled a list of delicious and easy finger foods and snacks for the big game.


A Cruelty-Free Superbowl Menu

-Tacos: they're quick, customizable, and guests can keep going back for more without spending too much time away from the game

-A variation: Fusion Tacos, which include lentils, rice and vegan tzatziki!

-Pesto potatoes: this is not a finger food, but it's easy to scoop onto a plate, scoop up with tortilla chips, and it tastes just as delicious cold as it does warmed up

-Spicy tempeh reuben sliders: these sandwiches would be perfectly translated into a smaller, bite-size version; simply cut the bread and tempeh into smaller pieces or make mini biscuits

-Baked purple potato fries: these are the "healthier" version of making good old French fries, plus everyone will rave about the beautiful color

-Spinach Pesto Aioli: this is great as a dip, dressing, or something to cover your fingers with (nomnomnom)

-Macaroni Salad: this is just about as ubiquitous a dish for the Superbowl as you can get, plus it just tastes good

-Authentic Pierogis: why not feel closer to my Eastern European roots while you're watching the game? Everyone knows that the more sauerkraut there is, the better the gathering!

-Ice Cream Sandwiches: finish the meal off right with a tasty cold, chocolatey treat; GO TEAM!!

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