Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Weekend Away

D and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend, by taking advantage of the 3-day Martin Luther King Day weekend. We traveled to the Oregon coast and visited Astoria and Newport. Because of the bad weather (snow on the beach!), we ended up staying an extra night in Garibaldi.

We started the weekend with a Lady Grey cupcake from New Cascadia Traditional, and then headed out on the road to Astoria.

While in Astoria, we visited the maritime museum and got to tour a lighthouse boat that is no longer in service.

We tried out drinks and food at the nearby Ft. George Brewery.

We stayed at the most delightful bed and breakfast, where we received wonderful service and food, and had a view to die for.

We're so cute.
When we woke up Sunday morning, there was snow on the ground!

This was the fantastic view from our room

We left soon after breakfast to make our way down to Newport. We encountered a bit of bad weather here and there, but for the most part, the roads were clear.

On our way south, we stopped by Pelican Brewery for lunch. If you ever visit the restaurant, be sure to request a special gluten-free menu. I came about it entirely by accident, but the waitstaff is quite willing to work around all dietary restrictions.

While we ate lunch, the weather only got worse, so we hightailed it down to Newport and checked into our bed and breakfast.

Here's the wintry view from our room:

And the beach, just feet away from our door...

We had a really nice [and quiet] time in Newport, and before heading out of town, we stopped by the Oregon State Aquarium.

Near the entrance to the aquarium.

Neither D nor I had been there since we were children, but we both really enjoyed it. The shark tank was especially exciting.

Source: http://s3.amazonaws.com/aquarium_production/panoramics/341/large.jpg?1291084140

The driving conditions became very dangerous after we left Newport, and we were forced to stay one more night on the coast, in Garibaldi. However, we finally made it back home after having a lovely and (for the most part) restful weekend away.

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