Friday, January 20, 2012

Flax Milk

flax milk was perfect in this hot cocoa drink
I received free samples of flax milk so that I may try them and write a review to share with you. The samples are from Good Karma Foods, a company based out of Wisconsin whose mission statement reads, "Our mission is to bring you the healthiest and greatest tasting, organic, gluten free, dairy free  and vegan natural food products available on the planet today."

Good Karma Foods makes Organic Rice Divine non-dairy ice cream and only recently dove into a new market with brand-new (at least to me) Flax Milk. It comes in three lactose-, dairy-, gluten- and soy-free flavors:




Each milk is good on its own, but I find that I like to pour the milk into things (like coffee or hot cocoa) or use it in my baking. I substituted flax milk for soy milk in a non-dairy ice cream I recently made, with wonderful results.

This milk is great for folks who are nut- or legume-intolerant and/or people that just want to try a new taste now and then. It is creamy, just sweet enough, and acts well as a non-dairy substitute. It doesn't curdle in your coffee (like almond milk is prone to do), and it's very low in calories and fat.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who'd like to try something new instead of the regular old soy and rice milks that are out there. You'll be glad you did.

I used flax milk to make this peppermint candy cane ice cream


CasiLemonds said...

Do you know where or if I can purchase this in Illinois?

Sam said...

Recipe for the candy cane I e cream please? :)


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