Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So, I like donuts. 

I've said it before (when I made these and also these), and I'm saying it again right now. I didn't used to like them as a child. Sure, I'd gobble down donut holes, but somehow those were different in my mind.

In college, I discovered Krispy Kreme. The nearest location to my Spokane, WA-based school was about 35 minutes away, and as soon as I had a car my senior year you can bet I "suffered" through that distance just about every week.

Obviously, traditional donuts are 1) an expensive habit/treat, 2) not at all good for you or even remotely healthy, and 3) chock-full of gluten and dairy, so I took a hiatus from eating them for quite a few years after graduating. However, as you can see from the links above, I did try them (minus the gluten, eggs, and dairy) again last year and oh! how I quickly remembered what I loved about 'em. Because they were fried donuts, though, I refrained from eating them again until now.

For my birthday last November, D gave me a gift card to spend at Sur La Table. I loooove that store. I can spend hours in there, if I let myself, because I go up and down each aisle, simply drooling over every product, reading labels, doing math and making up recipes in my head to figure out if I can possibly justify buying each item.

This week, I remembered I had some leftover money on the gift card, and I decided to spend it on a donut pan.


I picked up this Wilton 6-cavity (ha! it's horrible that I think that's so funny!) donut pan. Then, I started fingering through the wonderful BabyCakes Covers the Classicscookbook and happened upon their donut section.

Yes, in case you didn't know, there is an entire section on donuts.

I decided to go "healthy" (ha!) and try the Agave-Sweetened Donut.

I knew right away that the donuts would be awesome because the batter was delicious. If you have any experience baking with gluten-free ingredients, you know that most often the batter tastes like bitter glue (or worse). It was refreshing to actually have to refrain myself from eating the batter without baking it first!

Using the donut pan was easy - I just spooned the batter into the cavities (heehee) and threw the pan into the oven.

After cooling for a few minutes, the donuts popped right out.

And into my mouth.

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