Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decorations

D and I put up most of our Christmas decorations at his house last weekend, and I put up the finishing touches last Wednesday. At the moment, we don't have a way to hang our stockings on the mantle, so they will be hung on the gigantic cabinet that holds a television that we never watch.

I love putting up this tree every year because it has been in the family for many, many, many years and it makes me feel really close to my dad (he used to put it up in the window of his office supply store every year). Plus, there's something so awesome about the gaudy aluminum that makes it very classic. 

Part of the finishing touches included candles on the mantle (there are two red and two purple, plus a large one in the middle), and the snow garland. We wanted to it to sparkle from the light of the tree, so I painted each snowflake with glittery paint. It was smelly and a bit time-consuming, but oh-so worth it in the end.

I got these delightful stockings from Target. D picked out the one on the left, and I really like the one on the right. They are the happiest snow creatures ever!

I bought a "seasonal" tablecloth and put more candles on the table because, really, you can never have enough candles. D and I drew this festive Christmas tree together onto the tablecloth which, as you can see, includes the Christmas Octopus.

I made up a story about how, back when the world was covered in ocean and the land masses were one gigantic continent, the Great Octopus met up with Old St. Nick (who, at that time, was an orangutan, of course). They met at the end of the "world", so to speak, where Old St. Nick was fishing for whales to eat. The Great Octopus asked Old St. Nick to cease fishing and, in return, she would give him all the riches of the world. At that time, however, there were only three: gold, frankincense and myrrh. So, Old St. Nick approved the "no whaling" law and received his gifts and, because he was so happy with them, started giving them to others.

Yeah, I am pretty sure it's the best story about the origin of Christmas that there is. So there.

What do your holiday decorations and traditions look like?

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