Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Week in Review

No joke; Thanksgiving is in 5 days. 5 DAYS!! Besides that, November is just plugging along (not to mention this whole year!), and soon it'll be Christmas and New Year's and Valentine's Day - eek! Seriously, though, this is what happened on the blog last week:

Monday: Because of my new digital kitchen scale, I was able to make up a recipe for pancakes on the fly. And they were gooood!

Tuesday: Wondering what to eat for Thanksgiving? I compiled a list of places to dine or dishes to make.

Friday: This week's CSA share consisted of maaaany onions (oh, and other things, too).

Sarah Kramer has created a vegan app! Check it out and report back to me, 'cause we wants it. 

In honor of Thanksgiving this coming Thursday, I'll be offering up an "I'm thankful for..." post every day, starting tomorrow. I hope you enjoy them!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Geanna for your blog! Like the idea of "things to be thankful for".... as for the onions...french onion soup? marinated pickled onions? mujaddarah? onion and sun-dried tomato tart? are a few things that come to mind...enjoy. Lori


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