Wednesday, November 30, 2011

That's It Fruit Bars

Last week, I received six That's It fruit bars to review. There were two of each kind, and the flavors I received were

1 apple + 3 apricots

1 apple + 10 cherries

1 apple + 1 pear

That's it. fruit bars boasts 100-calorie bars made of only two ingredients, with no added sugar, no gluten, no fat, and 3 grams of fiber.

You might think this means they will be nasty/dry/grainy, etc., BUT they are, in fact, really delicious. They are soft and flavorful, and very filling. Their ingredients are naturally vegan and healthy. I had a hard time not grabbing all six the first time I tried them. Instead, I rationed them out to myself over a few minutes' time, so I could really enjoy each bar.

The bars taste just like mushy, fresh fruit and are a great addition to your day.

*Note: I first wrote about these bars months ago when they first came out, on This Dish is Vegetarian. Read that article here.

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