Monday, November 14, 2011

Ratio Pancakes. Vegan and Gluten-free

My mother gave me a digital kitchen scale for my birthday, and I love this baby. Besides a brand-new ceramic paring knife D bought me at Sur La Table, it is currently my most-prized kitchen possession.

You might remember when I gushed about this book a while ago. Well, now that my kitchen is stocked with this scale, I can finally try out my new skills at creating a recipe with this knowledge of ratios.

A pancake recipe is 4:4:2:1. That is, 4 parts flour, 4 parts liquid, 2 parts egg, and 1 part fat. Making this gluten-free and vegan was a snap, especially knowing that certain flours need to be included to make a passable gluten-like imitation.

I made my measurements in grams, using 200 grams of flour (a combination of potato starch, brown rice, coconut, and sorghum flours), 200 grams of liquid (I combined agave nectar with almond milk), 100 grams of egg (I mixed together about 2 T. flax meal with hot water and poured in the necessary amount), and 50 grams of fat (I used olive oil).

I added cinnamon and mixed it all together for a delicious, completely new-to-me recipe. I topped the pancakes with pomegranate seeds, apple butter, and marionberry preserves, and ate to my heart's content.

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