Friday, November 4, 2011

How I Spent My Birthday

I started my birthday with insomnia. Not the way to go, in case you're wondering. A lack of sleep does not a happy Geanna make. So, I made myself a yummy breakfast (sauteed in-season and fresh potatoes, kale, onion and tomatoes with curry powder and salt) and tried to gather motivation to go for a walk in the fog.

There was lots of fog, all right, but during my walk I got to talk to my nieces and that definitely brightened my spirits.

Next, I got ready for the day and picked up my mother from a MAX station (our public transit system). We had lunch at a delicious Mexican taqueria that I haven't been to in far too long. I had the vegan version of the special, which was spinach enchiladas with beans and rice and vegan sour cream. I added avocadoes because that's just how I roll.

We drove out to an animal sanctuary that's a little over an hour away. Once I receive pictures from the sanctuary, I will share more of that part of the day with you. I can't wait for you to see them - the goats and llamas were so darling!

On the way back to Portland, we stopped by the sweetest little fruit stand and picked up the necessities (pears, jam, apple butter). 

Then, there was the hazelnut store. So many hazelnuts, so little time. But we definitely took our time, trying all the samples.

After all was said and done, we headed back to my mother's house, where I unwrapped my presents. I received a beautiful digital scale! I am soo excited. Baking with a scale will really aide my gluten-free experiments.

After dropping my mother off, I headed home to get ready for my dinner out with D. We had decided to go to Blossoming Lotus and so, after receiving the most beautiful flowers ever (as well as a gift certificate to Sur La Table [I'm drooling as I write this]), we headed there for our meal.

It was amazing. Although these pictures really don't do it justice, the food and drinks were just fantastic.

chanterelle and sweet potato enchiladas: roasted chanterelles and chipotle whipped sweet potatoes wrapped in corn tortillas with an ancho tequila sauce and roasted butternut cheese

kale wrapped wild rice, brown rice, and pumpkin pilaf purses: served with a warm pear and plum spiced chutney, roasted delicata squash, and candied walnuts
To round out the evening, we finished with drinks at a new bar I've been wanting to try out, then headed home to bed. This weekend we're off to celebrate our birthdays (his is on Saturday) in the Columbia River Gorge, complete with a trip to the natural hot springs and nearby wineries. I can't wait.

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