Tuesday, November 1, 2011

28 Years, Or, Happy Birthday to Me!

Can you handle the extreme cuteness emanating from the left side of this photo? I didn't think so.
I have been on this earth for 28 years, as of today. It's hard to believe it - every time I start to feel like I have a handle on this whole being alive thing, something gets caught in the spokes of my tire and I fall down again. However, as I'm rapidly approaching the 30th year of my existence, I like to hope that those falling occasions are happening less and less.

Remember that list of 28 things I wanted to do before turning 28? Well, since it's my birthday, I decided to revisit it and see how many I actually accomplished. The number is surprisingly low, but I'm actually pleased that I accomplished any at all, seeing as though I completely forgot about it for a while.

28 Things
1. Learn to swim the breaststroke.
2. Make vegan yogurt from scratch.
3. Make kombucha from scratch.
4. Run my first half marathon.
5. Run my first marathon.
6. Watch The Shining (all the way through) without leaving the room (this movie has literally haunted my dreams since I was thirteen years old).
7. Visit my friend in England. (Note: my friend is now attending grad school in Italy, so I guess I'll have to change the location on this one!)
8. Create a recipe for vegan and gluten-free croissants. (Note: Mandee from Cupcake Kitteh and I have decided to do this together over miles of ocean!)
9. Try not to buy a [new] item without recycling/re-gifting a similar one that I already own. (Note: unfortunately, because I now have almost no extra or "fun" money due to my new job, this really hasn't been too difficult a goal!)
10. Plant and sow a large garden (of course, this is entirely dependent upon the fickle weather, but I'm really going to try this year!).
11. Host my first guest poster(s). (Note: I've now had quite a few guest posts on this blog, and every single one has been a blast.)
12. Give everyone I see a smile.
13. Visit Canada for the first time. (Note: I had such a great time in Vancouver and Victoria BC in March!)
14. Recycle my old sweaters into new uses (new sweaters, oven mitts, etc.).
15. Finish knitting my second shawl (I began working on it about a year ago; I really ought to be done with it by now!).
16. Read any book by David Foster Wallace.
17. Journal at least once a week. 
18. Do something active each day. (Note: this has been part of my healing process from being a chronic overeater - I read about this method in a very helpful book, and it's benefitted me immensely.)
19. Finish reviews for all my favorite restaurants and products.
20. Come up with a fitting Six-Word Memoir.
21. Post something on Finding Vegan. (Note: I have submitted a few now - it's so exciting!)

22. Sing a serious song for karaoke (I have participated in karaoke only twice; the first time, in Scotland, I sang Like a Virgin by Madonna, and the second time, I sang a duet of The Humans Are Dead by Flight of the Conchords).
23. Go almost 100% car-free.
24. Make more jewelry or magnets and actually sell them this time (last time I just gave them all away; they turned out to be conveniently cheap birthday and Christmas presents).
25. Design my next tattoo. (Note: I almost have it completely designed, but I don't feel comfortable yet calling it "done".)
26. Acquire 500 followers on Twitter (shameless plug! follow me @greenvegnliving). (Note: yahoo!! I got it and I'm closing in on 800 now - thanks, everyone!)
27. Go 100% raw for one week. (Note: this was a really enjoyable week, and I plan on doing it again when the weather warms up again.)
28. Take a run, barefoot, on the beach. (Note: does a walk count?)

I am still just as serious, apparently (but no less cute!).

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