Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Week in Review

Augh! Only two days left of Vegan Mofo. Hasn't it been fun? I will admit that I haven't been able to blog every single day, but I blogged about 90% of the month, and I think that's a pretty awesome achievement.

Here's what happened last week (and after this coming Tuesday (which is also my birthday), I will have a complete "best of Vegan Mofo" review for you):

Sunday: My glowing review of locally-made flavored tofu from Papa G's.

Monday: I participated in a XGFX survey (that's stands for gluten-free vegan, in case you were wondering).

Wednesday: The beautiful 5-volume set of cookbooks called Modernist Cuisine were the focal point for this week's Wordless Wednesday.

Thursday: I went to the final Wednesday farmar and picked up my CSA share.

Friday: What does a gluten-free vegan eat? Here's a glimpse into my pantry!

What are your plans for Halloween? It's really creeping up (ha!).

Here is a massive list of vegan-friendly candy you can pass out on Monday.

I love how enthusiastic Alix Bannon gets about Halloween on her darling blog Cute and Delicious. Check out these posts in particular: here, here , here and here.

Lots of vegan Halloween baking ideas are available to you!

The perfect vegan Halloween themed party is at your fingertips with these recipes and helpful tips.

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