Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Week in Review

The Vegan Month of Food is halfway over! Besides writing daily, this month has kept me busy for many other reasons, as well. Check out what happened just last week:

Sunday: Here's a book review of Vegan For Life, a very informative book about vegan nutrition.

Tuesday: This week's Recipe Tuesday showed you my new favorite dish: fusion tacos!

Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday: homemade canned tomato sauce.

Thursday: For my second favorite omnivore, I bring you: Katelyn!

Friday: Week 14 of my CSA share included something ORANGE!!! And right in time for a pumpkin carving party, too.

In other news,

Check out how Lifehacker debunks common food myths (including the fact that eating dairy is good for your bones)!

I read this fantastic and honest post by the Happy Herbivore about why she no longer calls herself vegan. I have quite a few more thoughts on this subject, but I'll leave them until post-Mofo in the interest of brevity.

Here's a recipe and method for making allergy-free, vegan butter!

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