Monday, October 31, 2011

Mofo in Review

Vegan Month of Food was a month full of exciting posts, pictures, recipes, and guests. Did you have as much fun as I did? Here's a recap of my posts this month:

Farm to Table: items you could get from the weekly farmar, with an easy and delicious recipe

Recipe Monday: original recipes each and every Monday
-Baked Purple Potato French Fries
-Fusion Tacos
-Everything but the Kitchen Sink Curry Soup 

My Favorite Omnivore: my friends shared their favorite vegan (and gluten-free) dishes with you

Book Review and Recommendations
-Vegan for Life
-Now What (a guide for further reading on veganism and our country's current farming and food-production practices)

Product Review
-Papa G's Organic Flavored Tofus

A few of my favorite posts from other blogs:
-A Vegan Food Snob: Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate
-In the Mood for Noodles: Creamy Corn-Crusted Tempeh Pot Pie
-Fork and Beans: Butterfingers
-Cupcake Kitteh: Appetite for Reduction
-All You Eat is Vegetables: Kale Pesto Pizza
-Dorm Room Kitchen: Sweet Potato Latkes
-Earthly Veg: Mashed Boo-tatoes
-Scissors and Spice: Vegan Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Vegan Eats & Treats: Rose Petal and Almond Tea
-Vegetalion: Sunday Brunch pancakes and crepes

Have a Happy Halloween!

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