Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread

At the recent Vida Vegan Conference, one of the tables was hosted and sponsored by Earth Balance.

I know there are many diehard Earth Balance devotees out there, but I personally don't actually eat many Earth Balance products - the company produces margarines and spreads, tofu, soy milk, mayonnaise, and nut butter - mostly due to my sensitivity to legumes (which is a category, of course, that includes soy and all its derivatives).

However, as soon as I saw this new product being shared at the VVC, I knew I needed to try it ASAP. Unfortunately, it was being sampled on gluteny bread, so I had to bide my time until I could get my hands on it at a grocery store.

It contains: coconut oil, palm fruit, canola oil, water, salt, sunflower lecithin, and non-dairy lactic acid.

It does NOT contain: lactose, soy, genetically-modified organisms, or gluten (hoorah!).

It is certified organic, and contains expeller-pressed oil.

And, as an added bonus, it makes me want to do a little dance every time I try it.

The first time I tried it, I added it to a stir fry. It immediately made that stir fry taste about $100 million richer.

Next, I made a gluten-free blueberry scone recipe from the handy little leaflet that was in my VVC swag bag.

The scone was so delicious that I had to eat two. My apologies to D, who only received the last three (he's lucky he got that many - I almost kept them all to myself!).

Be sure to check out the tasty recipe, which can be downloaded from the home page of the Earth Balance site here. I was able to convince myself pretty quickly that it was better than any gluteny or non-vegan scone I'd ever had.

I have so far only been able to find the new spread at Whole Foods, in the refrigerated area with all the other Earth Balance margarine products. Perhaps you'll be able to get it at a different store where you live?

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