Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Vida Vegan Con: The Galarama

Most importantly, first, the menu.

Next, the event.

Finally, the pictures:

vegan wine

the line for the food (I'm standing in it, so you can see how long it was)

aren't these cute?
so glad the pizza had gluten-free options!

Gardein and sliders

salad rolls and dip

my plate

sooo many people were there and the line kept growing!

another line; this time, for ice cream sundaes

the lovely Kiley and her helper scooped up the ice cream!

the cute couple behind Vegan Backpacker and Vegan Cuts

the tables full of toppings

marshmallow creme

chocolate syrup

nuts and chocolate chips

oreos, sprinkles and cherries

my bowl

I finally got to meet JL from JL Goes Vegan!!

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