Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Week in Review

How's everybody's summer going so far? Since the weather has finally picked up in the grand Pacific Northwest, I'm outside every day, picking blueberries in my backyard, going on long walks, and enjoying the sunshine. Here's what I was up to last week.

Monday: I got a double batch at my CSA to make up for missing last week's delivery. You can see the bounty at "Community-Supported Agriculture: Week Four".

Tuesday: I love "Pickling Cucumbers"!

Wednesday: Double-post day! First, I showed you a hilarious and quite utilitarian garbage can in NE Portland in "Wordless Wednesday: Funky Trash". Then, I shared a review of the newest vegan bar in Portland, "The Sweet Hereafter".

Thursday: I guest-posted a recipe for Rhubarb-Ginger fruit leather on my friend's lovely website at "Strawberry Sorbet".

Friday: I provided you with a deliciously easy "Tomato and Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette".

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