Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vida Vegan Con, Day 1: The Panels

I was riding so high by the time I left the Vida Vegan Conference Saturday afternoon. The panels were amazing, the speakers were engaging, and I learned and laughed so much.

We had the opportunity to attend five classes each day. I chose to skip a class each day to regroup and rest up (6 hours' worth of classes made me feel like I was in high school again!), so I attended a total of 8 classes. Here's the agenda to give you an idea of what I could have done: Vida Vegan Con Agenda.

Here are the classes I ended up attending on Day One:

1. Travel Panel, with Vegansaurus, Healthy Voyager, Stumptown Vegans, Super Vegan, and moderated by VegNews' Colleen Holland.

the flier
the panel (L-R): Colleen, Laura, Samantha, Carolyn, Webly, Jason
Colleen, the moderator
-when traveling to a city, Google the city name + "vegan blog" to find local restaurant reviews and tips
-a bad review of a vegan restaurant does not promote veganism
-when writing a review, say something good, something bad, and then end on a good note

2. Nutrition Panel, with The Vegan RD, Veg Food and Fit, Choosing Raw, Bryanna Clark Grogan and moderated by The Oregonian's Grant Butler.

Grant Butler

the handout on vegan vitamin supplements

Choosing Raw and the top of Veg Food and Fit's head

Bryanna Clark Grogan

The Vegan RD
-veganism can be sustainable for life if you eat right
-olive oil is good for you and it makes food taste good!
-people tend to turn the raw diet into a purity contest; it isn't necessary to be consumed with percentages when eating raw foods
-give people tasty vegan food and they will be surprised by it and possibly change their own habits
-there are so many ways to be an activist - talking about nutrition is one way, as is cooking delicious food for omnivore friends
-to incorporate raw foods into your diet, serve them as your side dishes (vegetables, soups, salads) and cook the main dish
-moderation is key for everything
-you don't have to buy organic to be a vegan

3. The Accidental Journalist, with Vegtastic Voyage, Vegan Moxie, and Vegans on the Move.

the panelists
-the longer a piece is, the less likely someone will keep reading it (keep in mind the economy of language)
-remember skills you learned in grade school, like using a paragraph for one topic, then transitioning into a new subject and new paragraph
-consistency is key: choose your style and go with it; you'll keep readers by being you and letting your voice be heard
-request permission to post someone else's recipe on your site
-read aloud, walk away for an hour and come back, then hit "publish"
-have someone else read your blog for any feedback

4. Dating and Mating Panel, with The Spicy Vegan, Super Vegan, Epicurious Vegan, Heartichoke Supper Club, and moderated by Grant Butler.

(L-R): Grant Butler, Super Vegan, Spicy Vegan

(L-R): Super Vegan, Spicy Vegan, Epicurious Vegan, Heartichoke Supper Club

(L-R): Epicurious Vegan, Heartichoke Supper Club, other half of Super Vegan
Tips: I can't really say I learned anything during this panel. I am in a very good relationship with an omnivore and we are completely respectful and supportive of each other's choices and decisions, so I attended this more for fun than anything else. I certainly did laugh a lot - talking about sex can be awkward, but this panel was able to do it appropriately and hilariously.

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